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CSS Blog Postings Not publishing "No Items Found"

Built a simple blog into a client’s website and when published, it does not show "No Items Found"when published to URL.
The CSS blog materials show up perfectly in the designer and when published to the webflow preview:

Share Link:

Website published with no blog CSS Items not showing:

Any help would be welcome.

Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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The reason you are getting a page 404 is because the DingSmith Mobile PDR News, Discounts & Specials template page is blank, you need to populate that page with some elements.

Forgive because I am just learning CSS I am not getting a 404, I am getting items not found when published to (please see if you are seeing items not found). Where is the template and how do I populate? If the template was not populated, why would it show up on the designer and the webflow preview publication?
Any help you can provide explaining how to populate the template where I believe it is already populated is what I am seeking—feel free to be as specific with a step by step as possible.


The 404 (broken link) related to the issue above (Empty cms page).

About you collection - looks like a bug. Are you sure you publish the site? (Because its very weird - i never saw this issue). Remove this “&” from the name (maybe related to collection name).

Thank you. Yes, I believe I have published. Why would it show up on the webflow site if not published? But you are correct, 404 shows when the link for the blogs are posted.


Her is your post item - works fine now.

By the way your design is very “overload” (Endless heading sizes, icons, text boxes and so on).

yes it works on the webflow published one

but when you upload it to the real website, the item is not showing.

show me screenshot of this screen please


You should push to live (Mark the checkbox) also for the custom domain.

If you already done this - you should write to the support (No way to know “why” without username and password ==> “publish and test”). Or re-Create the list and try again.