Cross-site pasting error, eventhough I copy/paste within same website


I am experiencing copy/paste warnings / errors when copying simple element from one page of my website to another page of the very same website…

Have someone experienced this issue already ? I understand that cross-site copy/paste might generate conflict, but within the same website project ??

Was also experiencing this issue! Copying simple components or content creates duplication of classes.

The issue relates to the Relume extension. Once this was disabled it worked fine.

Ho wow, okay ! Yes I do have Relume installed ! Thank you for the info, will try uninstalling it :frowning: how to best reach to them to make them aware of the bug do you think ?

@Dan_Boldly , may I ask how you disabled it ? I can’t find it for some reason :confused:

@anthonysalamin I was running into the same issue.

If you are using Chrome you can disable the Relume extension by going to chrome://extensions/ and switching it off from there. That worked for me.

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