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(Cross) referencing other CMS collections


For a podcast website I have 2 collections: “Episodes” and “Guests”. In the episode collection I have a reference field to the Guest collection to connect Guests to episodes.

I have 2 overview pages with a collection list: one for episodes, one for guests. On the episode page I can easily add the name of the guest to each listed episode since that is referenced in that CMS collection.

But now for the other way around: on the guest overview page I would like to show episode information (like the show title or air date), but these fields don’t who up.

Is this cross-referencing possible in Webflow? Or would this require to add a reference field to the guest collection pointing at the episodes (basically creating a second reverse link manually which is kinda error-prone).

In a static page inside of a collection list, you can’t. You could if we were able to nest collection lists. you’d put a collection list inside of a list item and filter it like you want.

You can do that easily on the template page: dragging a list anf filter like you want.

So you’re down to having a double reference I guess, which isn’t ideal I reckon but should work well.

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Thx @vincent for confirming!