Critique Needed!

Hey guys/gals,

I’ve been working on a small site to test out Webflow, and I think it’s ready to publish. It will serve as my business site for now. I was going for a very minimalistic/simple style, that gets straight to the point, hence the CTA. I would have loved to add subtle transitions but I kept finding bugs so I left them out (I may put them in after the code is exported).

Please critique the shit out of my site :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Paul

Here is my public share link: LINK


Digging the simplicity. Nice, really nice.

The only thing I’d really be looking for is some examples of your work?

If the brands you’ve mentioned are notable in Australia, perhaps add their logos in there? Perhaps some more subtle interactivity, a zoom on the ‘get in touch’ button? That’s personal taste though.


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Cheers @JoeMillion,

Well I’m only 18 and the design work I’ve done so far has been through internships, or wasn’t websites. So I wasn’t sure about the legalities of displaying the work to promote my business. My alternative was to add a portfolio section in after I earn a few my own clients.

I’ll definitely mess around with their logos, that might be a nice touch!

I do love subtle interactions, but as I stated in my first post, they kept breaking my site, so I’ll just wait until the bugs are fixed and then update it. (The bugs have been confirmed, It’s not just my stupidity :D)

Thank you for the feedback!

Simple nice and clean, and of course straight to where they can contact you. Its a good start for sure. One thing that has been mentioned in recent workshops (from other designers as well) is if you’re a one man show, be transparent about it.

If you’re interested, check the workshop that @PixelGeek did with Michael Locke.

Lots of valuable tips. Other than that, start your own fictitious projects so that you can show what you are able to do.

Another thing you can start doing is messing around with Webflow as you are right now. Creating prototypes of (fictitious projects) or simply starting with prompts from in any Design Platform you use and then recreating it in Webflow with animations, which in return allows you to also share in your portfolio.

Other things that comes to mind is as you continue progressing, you can start making videos of you creating a website in Webflow or simple recreation of Designs in Webflow (which I will be doing in this week or next week, waiting for my microphone)

Just sharing some other thoughts that came to mind, that can help with building up your experience.

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No worries :slight_smile:

Maybe get in touch with them and ask, I think it’d definitely be worth doing. Depends how you plan on finding your first few clients.

Another cool channel to check out would be The Skool:

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Cheers for the feedback @BrianHermelijn :slight_smile:

Hmm, I did wonder about how to portray myself and the business. I figured If I was a “team”, then I would have more luck securing larger clients. I’ll have to check out the workshop.

Yeah definitely, I haven’t been able to work on any sites on the side, due to the number restriction on un-hosted sites, but when I upgrade to export the code, I’ll happily design a few more.

Thanks again!

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