Creative Cloud Typeface error

Hello, I have created project in Latvian language and we have diacritical signs. I am using creative cloud and the font that I am using in Sketch is OHNO type co. Degular and everything is fine. i.e. I have my diacritics.

When I integrate adobe fonts with webflow the signs are not showing. Can anyone help with this?

This is in sketch

This is in webflow

By Creative Cloud font, do you mean Adobe Fonts? I couldn’t find Ohno regular there… But here’s a screenshot of a project, showing the subsets list. There’s no Latvian subset per se, but there’s maybe one subset that contains the diacritical signs?

Thanks for you reply. Yes, Adobe fonts. Typeface is called Degular not Regular. But that doesn’t matter. Yes, I checked the language supports, but still doesn’t do the trick.

Thanks, I thought that was a typo :joy: Sorry.

Please contact Adobe Support first. They should answer within about 36 hours.
And come back!

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