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Creating wrappable columns on Desktop mode

I have a fairly simple layout that I am trying to do with a wrappable set of columns even on desktop mode.

Using a “Columns” container I have divided a Section into two columns 4 and 8 width. In the second columnn i want to further divide that into a variable list of products that are never more than 4 column units wide.

I cannot however see a way of getting columns to wrap in desktop mode. The only way i can see how to do it is with multiple “Columns” container one for each “row”

I have mocked up the layout but i beleive I will need to define the page as a “Product Collection List” so I can add actual product meta data

Here is the Read Only link to the page

I think using a combination of flexbox and css grid will work better for you

Thanks Jeremy. I’ll give that a go

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