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Creating vertical lines between lists / objects


In the page “contracts” unders “areas of practise” I have two lists and I need to add a line to separate the two. I would like to create a list that spans from the top of the text to the bottom of the last item in the list. If I add a border on the column the line spans beyond the text.

How can I do this?

Thank you!

Hello @alexi

Not sure if I correct understand your problem. By your link I see the line there between 2 columns. Did you find out how to do what you want or it is not that line that you would like to have?


Hello Anna,

I added a line and it works ok… was wondering if there is another way to do it other than adding a border line.

thank you


I would try make 3 columns row there (instead of 2 columns), middle column with minimum width. Inside middle column I would add div with 1-5 px width and put border on it. At least it is easier to move and change such “line”. :confused:

ok I’ll give that a go and see :smile: thank you!

Good luck. It is just idea, but will happy if t will work.

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