Creating this form in webflow. Possible?


Getting ready to create a new site for a cleaning company. Is it possible to create this form in WebFlow? I appreciate any help!

Hi @Zac_Harris.

Yes it’s possible, what are your options here exactly ?
Can you draft me how many options you have, which price etc ?
Also do you want it to be dynamic ?
If yes would be a good option i guess.
Tell me,

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@zbrah Thanks for the reply! I appreciate it!

Here our the options.

City: Two cities

Bedrooms (six options): Studio, 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed, 4 bed, 5 bed

Bathrooms: six options

Cleaning types: Three

Pricing - About 36 pricing variables.

Hi ya, also check this company out you can style it as you want to integrate into webflow.


Yes you should definitely use a third party solution for forms here with those options

Yes, for forms like this I would recommend using Jotforms Cards forms. It will allow you to customize the “Step Process” easily:

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Hi Zac! I was looking for a quote form like that one and I found ConvertCalculator, highly recommended. It is really easy to set up and embed on your webflow site!