Creating symbol breaks target elements in Interactions

Creating symbol disconnects target elements in an Interaction

Hey all,

I set up a popup overlay, triggered via an interaction through multiple different buttons, so I thought it best to turn said popup into a symbol for easy use later on.

Webflow completely lost the location of the target element, so I had to break the link to the symbol and change targets.

I’ve had to redo this for every page the interaction was added… :-<

Interaction with reset targets


Same Interaction on a different page, but with broken targets

Is this new? I haven’t experienced this before?


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It appears that after setting my overlay element as a symbol, Webflow’s created a random Div Block 104 in place of the original class name Full Screen Overlay

I definitely don’t have 103 unnamed Div classes, so I’ve no idea what’s going on here haha

Preview link to site

You can compare the difference on the Homepage and About Us:

Hey @webflow, any ideas on what could be happening here?


Hi @quarshcreative, thanks for the post, I am helping to check further on this, as soon as I have more info, I will post an update.

Thanks in advance.


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