Creating Strong Deliverables

How does everyone here create wording for strong and clear deliverables? I’m referring in general to design, but am most curious about services with somewhat subjective goals, like social media design/improvement. How do you define objective goals and deliverables?

Hi Jorden,

That is a massive topic right there. You need to understand who are the customer ideal clients are and what problem you (the business) can solve for them, ideally in a way that makes you unique. Then work out your communications strategy, content strategy, goals, KPI’s. This stuff, when done well really informs your brand messaging, website design (it’s for your target users after all) and will help a ton with formulating what are the right marketing tactics to implement and why, be it social, email, web traffic etc.

In summary, to promise a clear deliverable, you need to be clear on your customer expectations and what you can actually do - why are they building a new website,what can they supply, who will do the copywriting, supply images and other assets and what do they expect from it over time? When you have the answers to these questions it all starts to fall into place. Then review the various templates your can google, and modify as needed.

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