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Creating Silos in Webflow

Hi there,

I am trying to create URL silos for the web site for SEO. For example:

I see that this is possible using static pages by putting each static page into a folder, which creates this hierarchy in the URL’s.

The problem is that static pages are limited to 100 static pages. So, this must be accomplished with CMS collections, instead.

However, I do not see a way to do this with CMS collection URL’s. The structure is limited to one level only with no subfolders.

Am I missing something?

Looks like the forum HTML filter messed up my hierarchy. I am going to rewrite an example.

Basically, what I am trying to accomplish is this:


But looks like Webflow CMS collections can only have one level, like so:


Silos structure are determined by links, not folder structure. Silos aren’t a “physical” thing.

For example, homepage linking to page A and B, and inside of page A you’d link to C D E, and inside of B, F G H…


The fact that there is no link from C D E to F G H is what makes the structure a silos structure.

You can organise folders around this is you like but this won’t change anything to how it works.

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I respectfully disagree. Yes, the structure of internal links is greatly important, but that doesn’t mean that proper URL structure is unimportant.


I tried to prove you right but couldn’t really find anything about it.

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@ds18 if we are only talking about seo perf here i do agree with @vincent. When google bot looks at your pages individually, it looks at links. In vincent example here, i wouldn’t even link A to C when you are on A page. So when you go from C to A you can only go upper (Homepage).
It’s a very weird thing to do from an accessibility perspective, i agree, but trust me it works.
Links should be all in absolute btw, no relative because it counts as a backlink !
And never twice the same link in the same page, use IDs on hero section for example to fake another link.


If there is one thing I’m rarely forced to do, it’s mixing siloing with accessibility. I mean, my silos aren’t hidden, but they’re never meant to be browsed by the general public. I design them, they’re nice and all, responsive, but they have a different purpose than being navigated. So their structure can be semantically weird (in the sens that there’s none), it doesn’t matter.

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That said, if you can find anything to prove me wrong (about URL structure being important) by someone credible like Matt Cutts or Bruce Clay, then I will reconsider my position.

Until then, I use this for siloing to add another layer of clarity to SE’s on how the web site is structured. I am not saying “no” to any other aspect of siloing, like internal links… I am just saying “yes” to URL structure as an additional way to define silos.


Again, not saying “no” to internal linking. That is the most crucial part. However, just because bricks are important when building a house, it doesn’t mean that cement is irrelevant.

Can you explain what you mean by “it counts as a backlink”? I am not sure I understood that. Also, I didn’t understand the ID’s on hero section to fake a link. Can you please expound on that?

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Sure @ds18, if you use relative links, google bot won’t consider it has a backlink, however if you use absolute it will. ( I have the feeling i’ve wrote the exact same thing but tell me if it helps :stuck_out_tongue: )
It means that in webflow, try not to use this


For the second point, from my understanding, multiple same links in a same page affect the pagerank of the targeted page.
Might be wrong on this, but internal anchors are ok for google so i do that “just in case” when i try to max the optimisation.

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Reading moz and Niel Patel, they say less folders is best. Interesting.


Hi @zbrah, thank you for the clarification. That is interesting. I always use absolute links, but I wasn’t doing it for this reason. That is good to know.

I can see now that Webflow is using all relative links, and I wish there was a way to tell it to default to absolute links. I imagine that wouldn’t be too hard for the coders to implement.

It seems pretty annoying to look up the absolute link for each page before linking. Is there an easy way of doing that in Webflow?

Good looking out on all of this linking info. I will look into it!


@HammerOz I will take a look, thank you!

@ds18, unfortunately no and i haven’t seen that request on the wishlist :frowning:
I guess we can ask for it :stuck_out_tongue: