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Creating Sections [newbie question]

Hi there,

I’m new to Webflow, and I’ve been trying to create my portfolio on the platform. I’ve got two sections on my homepage (home, and projects), and I’m trying to make Home come before Projects; right now, they just overlap each other. I’m not sure if how to separate them so that they’re in order, but I’d really appreciate some help!

Thank you,

Here is my site Read-Only:

@jaaychung - it looks like your projects section is empty at the moment. Generally things will appear in the order they are in the Navigator in Webflow:


Unless you have some strange positioning settings turned on.

Does that help?

I mean that Section and Projects-Section are stacking on top of each other right now. I want projects-section to come after section. Even after I put something in projects-section (like text or a div), they still stay stacked up on each other.

Hey Jason,

There is a couple reasons this is happening. First is that you have ‘header-image-container’ position set to absolute, but not relative to its container. Since you don’t have the containing section’s position set to relative it defaults to the body.

The second issue is that the top section containing that content has a height of 0%.

This means that it is occupying 0 vertical space in the viewport, which allows your project-section to slide up to the top of the web page. The content of the top section has a position of absolute in relation to the body so it will overlap.

If you change the height property of the top section to 100% it will correct the issue, but you should also change the position of the top section to relative.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for your help! That solved the issue, and I’m really grateful.

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No problem!