Creating responsive right justified icons, links blocks and images

Hi All
Just starting out here and trying to work out how I can place these icons in link blocks to right side and make them responsive. I’ve messed around with stuff but clearly not getting anywhere and need some solid pointers. I can set them at each break point but it is not really responsive because on the way through they disappear and jump back at the next breakpoint setting. This looks really terrible! Thanks in advance all you gurus. :slight_smile:
Cheers Maggie
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Hi @maggie

There are a couple fundamental things wrong here. Here is how you correct them:

Div 38 & Div 39 are containing divs, meaning they control whatever is inside of them. They will align the icons to the right. BUT first!

Div 30 & Div 35 need to change from relative position to static.

Step 1: Change Div 30 + Div 35 to positions: static
Step 2: Change Div 38 + Div 39 to justify: right

Then correct as you go depending on your screen size.

There are a few other issues that you’re going to run into as you go along this build. I think you might need to check out some tutorials from the webflow university.