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Creating related products in product page. Why don't I have a "Current Category" option?

Hey friends,

I’m building an Ecommerce site, and I want to display related products on the product page.

I’m looking at a product page with a product in the color gold. I want to display related products in the color gold below. In the filtering I don’t have a “Current Category” option, but only a list of my created categories.

How/why don’t I have this “Current Category” list option so I can link related products dynamically using Collection List settings?

Here is my site Read-Only:


If you have already created categories like Gold, you will have to create a new “Reference” custom field to the products. You can call it “Category”.
Then in the Product Page in Editing Mode assign the correct category to each product.
Now when you’re on the Product Page in the Design Panel you will have the filter called “Category”.

I hope this helped.

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Great solution @Eli11! Personally, I can vouch for that as it’s the same way I built an Ecommerce affiliate site last year. The result was awesome.


Solved it!

I was actually doing the very same thing, only I used a multi-reference custom field instead of a regular/single reference field.

In other words, this method only currently seems to work if you can do with a single category of related products. Thanks for the help guys!