Creating marketplace with 2 users

hey guys -

I am trying to build a platform that has 2 kinds of users:

  1. allows artists to upload music and sell merch

  2. allows users to search for music and discover those artists

this means different areas/features/permissions for both users

any suggested integrations? (Memberstack doesn’t support this)

aka having 2 users (similar to a marketplace)?


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Hey @Asher_Fishman , Memberstack offers this. You can take a look here:

Hey thanks for the reply!

Memberstack doesn’t support a two-sided platform.

You can’t just use Memberstack to achieve this. Two sided Marketplaces has been done on Webflow, e.g. Unicorn Factory made by Connor Finlayson. There is a video where he talks about briefly on how to get started, using a combination of Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable & Zapier.

This should be a self-hosted project. I would recommend Coffee Cup’s site designer, Pinegrow or Wappler. These are desktop applications designed for advanced designers building multi-level processes for a front end user. The back end is where you will build all of those variables. A hosted software won’t accomplish this. Check these three out, you’ll see what I mean after reviewing the feature list. You’ll need a number of databases to manage user levels, etc. Wappler will be the most flexible because you can build and connect directly inside the app.

Hope that helps. See ya :slight_smile:

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I’d checkout they are built for Webflow-powered 2-sided marketplaces just like this.

You can use any Webflow template or cloneable with it and they start at $125/mo