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Creating location map tied to CMS?

Hey all!

I’m at the beginning of a project that will need to have points on a map that will be tied to the CMS. Basically, it’s for a home builder and it’s going to show lots on an overhead shot and I’ll need to tie into the database so they’ll be able to mark which lots are sold and which are still available.

I’m going to be creating the parent div as relative and then each of the points on the map as absolute. That part I’m clear on, but then to make them tied to the CMS, it would seem that each of the points needs to be its own dynamic list, correct? (That way I’ll be able to absolute position each one and it’ll be able to be dynamic and reference the CMS.) And then I would just filter each dynamic list to a number that helps to identify that item in the database. Is this the best way to go about doing this? I have 55 items to go on a map, so wanting to make sure I get this right before I dive in too deep! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Just to give a quick visual, it’ll be a lot like this kind of a thing in example 10 of the webflow CSS playground, only it’ll need to be tied to the CMS:

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