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Creating Lists based on CMS subsets

I have a design requirement to create a catalog, in which each catalog item has a set of features. The item page needs to list all available features, and indicate which features THIS product has (and which it does not).

CMS “Features” collection contains all 100-ish features
CMS “Products” collection has a multiple reference field to Features, so that I can identify the list of features assigned to that product.

On the Product collection page, I can easily add a Collection List with all of the Features, however I can’t find a way to determine whether each of the Features is/isn’t referenced by the Product.

What’s the right approach here?

Also, I have a need to go from the Feature back to the Product, so that if someone is looking at the Feature page for Feature X, they can see a list of Products with that Feature.


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Difficult to understand withut a sharing link, but probably using conditional visibility. Start by making them all show up, then for each, add a conditional visibility on their respective field, using “is set” and “is not set”. Basically, if a field is empty, the feature should not appear.

Thanks Vincent, I thought that might be difficult. I’ve added the read-only link in to an example site where I need this design pattern, and here’s a demonstration of what I need to create-

In this example, the collections at play are Valets and Details, and the multi-reference field named “Details” which connects the Valets collection to the Details collection.

Tne CMS Collection template “Valets Template” contains an unstyled CollectionList in the body, which needs to show all Details, but indicate exactly which ones are referenced in this Valet’s Details multi-ref.

The red items are the Detail name, and then the “INCLUDED?” text would either be a big green checkbox, or some text like “not included in this package, click here to find out which packages contain this service.”

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