Creating intactive homepage intro

hello there dear friends,
i as stated a newbie in web design and i would like your help.

can i create this as a home page?

i want that the button will be interactive and that the animation will show.

the things i have tried and didn’t seem to work:

  1. export as gif and implement - the resolution was too low
  2. export from after affects using bodymovin but that didn’t work either

can you nudge me in the right direction?

cheers to all!

I was going to suggest using AE/BM/Lottie for that but you said it didn’t work. What didn’t work exactly?

thank you!
the only thing that renders is the text the animation and the photo did not…
i tried exporting it without the back ground image layer but that didn’t work either.
as additional question is it possible to add a container inside Lottie animation?
sorry for the newbie questions (:slightly_smiling_face: