Creating "Infinite Loop" Slideshow with 25% width Div Blocks

Hi Webflow Community!

Just a shout out to the team making things happen - I’ve been using Webflow for about 5 months now, it’s pretty solid!

Like many others I think in web design a lot of “solutions” need to be made to get things working properly. Currently I have created a slider section for my site which will show the team members. In the slider, I created div blocks of 25% width each, so the slideshow essentially shows more than “one slide” each time (if this makes sense, check out the preview to see what I mean).

I really want the slideshow to “loop” though, because there are 6 team members, each taking up 25% width, when you press the right arrow to see other team members, the “second slide” shows only two, with a gap to the right, instead of filling up the space with the members from before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:


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Hey @Etrit_Haxhiu,

Tricky one, i don’t see any solution with the wf slider component for you.

Why don’t u create 3 slides instead of 2 ?

I mean :

Slide 1 : DIV1 DIV2 DIV3 DIV4
Slide 2 : DIV5 DIV6 DIV1 DIV2
Slide 3 : DIV3 DIV4 DIV5 DIV6

-> And back to Slide 1


You could display 3 Div instead of 4 on each slide, so you keep 2 slide.
Hope this helps