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Creating grid from the top

Hi everyone, I have been struggling with the grid system.
I attempted to create a grid(row) from the top, then I can display from the most current work to the oldest one. Every time I want to insert a new row from the top, It doesn’t seem possible.

I couldn’t just bring up the row that created on the bottom
It takes a while to rearrange all the rows. bringing down from all the things to down and such. I doubt there must be a simpler way to do so.

Thus, my questions are

  1. Is there any way to create row from the top?
  2. If not possible, any simple/quick ways to just bring row to the top

Thank you so much in advance.

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Hi - Perhaps set-up your tile content as a Collection list (title and image), then drag the Collection list onto the page and convert it to a grid. Then you can sort the items in the grid by date. Hope this helps!

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