Creating Global Swatch from border-color throws error

Hey guys not sure what is happening here. I’m trying to add a light gray color as the global palette. Initially it works, but upon saving it throws a JS error message. See attached screenshot.

And there’s tonnes of error in the console. Refreshed everything and it’s still the same.


Hi @alexanderwong - if you can send your site’s info to that will help us resolve this, thanks!

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Hi @alexanderwong, it looks like the issue you found may have been while trying to set the global swatch and stying the border color. This results in the page freeze and message.

As soon as there is a fix, there will be an update here posted immediately.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @alexanderwong we’ve pushed a fix for this issue, thank you again so much for your patience and understanding! Can you please double check that everything is working as expected on your end now after refreshing the designer?

Thanks in advance!

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EDIT: Sorry guys, the bug is back in another way. I can save Global Swatch with no issue. But if I update the Swatch on a border, it goes into error again. @Waldo Would you mind checking? I will drop Dave the preview link.

Awesome it is fixed! :smiley: Thansk guys. Was really annoying when it happened, completely freeze Chrome lol.

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