Creating fillable fields with a save and download results

Hey there wonderful people!

I’d love to convert my excel spreadsheet (screenshot attached) to a web version format but I honestly don’t even know how to start.

Currently my clients fill out their results on the boxes in excel (left, right, date) and save their file with the results in their computer. This is the functionality I’d like to achieve on Webflow.

So basically I’d have a text field - an input field (that would be able to have multiple users filling out at same time) - Then a save button - Then a download button that would give my client whatever he typed inside the input field.

Any ideas how I can achieve that? Thank you so very much :slight_smile:

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Hey @Pattyzinha100 , what if you saved the excel file as a fillable PDF and have the PDF has a document link on Webflow? One of my clients in Dentistry uses this format.

The New Patient Form Button when clicked opens up the PDF document as a new tab which can be filled and then downloaded on their device.