Creating Emphasis on a NavBar + Slider

Hi Everyone!

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I am currently trying to replace the numbers at the bottom of Container 4 with some sort of emphasis when a certain slider is relevant to a category (A category is one of the navlinks inside the section with 2x Navbars - e.g. Preisdent, Bank 401k etc)

Slider 1 = President
Slider 2 = Bank
Slider 3 = 401k

When on slider 1 I want “President” to change colour or show some sort of emphasis and the same for Slider 2 (Bank).

Hope this makes sense?

Anyone have any experience with this? I can’t seem to wrap my head around it

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Boris,

Hey man it seems that you already have something going on? like president grows when selected and bank and 401k change color, did you find the way?

Yes Pablo, apologies I forgot to update the thread.

For anyone else looking to do something like this there is actually an interaction already available for sliders

  1. Select your slider
  2. Go to interactions menu
  3. Under Element Trigger, choose “Slider Change”
  4. From there select the element you want emphasised when your slider is in view and another one when out of view (e.g. Grows when it’s in view and goes back to normal size when it’s out of view)

Hope this helps anyone else looking for something like this.

Hello @Boris,

Yeah that option works really well for sliders, Im glad you got to accomplish what you were looking for. Take care.