Creating CMS Text that only shows in one CMS Tab in one CMS Page

Hello good people of the webflow forums!
im in a bit of a conundrum, see I’m trying to create a website with information on how to create the best habitat for each suburb in Victoria, and so far I have a series of CMS pages for each suburb, and CMS linked tabs connected to a CMS list of Fauna species with the suburb CMS Specifying which occur in there suburbs.

Now what I want to achieve is to somehow have an extra custom field for information on each species, specific to that suburb
But this I do not know how to achieve u-u
it would have to be CMS information that somehow only appears in that specific animals collection tab, when the relevant suburb page is open

Alternatively if there’s some way you could use custom text that didn’t require a CMS that would be great too

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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Hey Ben, we can’t see your project data design without the project readonly link. See the docs at the bottom of your post for how to add that.

For what you’ve described, sounds like you’d just have a rich text field in your Fauna(?) collection.

If the information you want to show is specific to the Fauna AND the Suburb, then you need a FaunaSuburb collection to contain it. Your CMS design would be;

Fauna ← FaunaSuburb → Suburb

With the → as singlerefs. Your collection list would be linked to FaunaSuburb. Both Fauna and Suburb are only one hop away, so you can extract information from both to populate your CL.

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