Creating CMS Page for PPC

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to create a dynamic landing page that I can use for a PPC campaign for my rental property.

I’ve created the CMS collection, with a simple “SubHeading” custom field, which will be text on the landing page that includes the keyword in a sentence.

I duplicated the original landing page for my property, and replaced the subheading with the CMS Collection List > then selected the “Sub-heading” Field.

This is what the CMS settings look like:

My problem: when i enter the URL (which includes the keyword in the slug) it pops up a blank page.
For example: The Rae Group

When you remove the keyword the landing page will appear fine

How can I fix this?

Hi Rachel,

You would need to share a readonly link to your project to see how you’ve constructed the page, however from what I can see it’s working as intended.

Both of the links you’ve shared are working fine for me, but I’m not certain why you would want a static page at /ppc that contains keyword content. That might get flagged by Google as duplicate content.

Share a read-only link | Webflow University.