Creating CMS filter: Use MixitUp, Jetboost, or Attributions?

Hey guys,

new to Webflow and the community here. I’m on the steep part of the learning curve but having fun :slight_smile:

I’m building a directory site similar to Nomad List and

I’m aiming for a left column menu for the filter where some of the top level tabs/menu items will expand to show sub menu items that will also filter the cards in the main area of the pate.

This screenshot of a directory site built with Webflow is close to what I’m trying to achieve, minus the sub menu items in the left column menu:

I’m trying to sort out the best way to create the CMS filtering.

It seems like there may be 4 or 5 or more ways to create filter links in Webflow and I could use some advice from veterans of the platform on the best path to take:

  1. The MixItUp javascript library
  2. Jetboost filters/plugin
  3. Finsweet Attributes plugin (are these called plugins in Webflow world? Or something else?)
  4. Native filters in Webflow?

Are there other options I’m missing?

I’m sure each option has pros and cons. If anyone has a few thoughts or opinions that could steer me in the right direction, that would be amazing.

Thanks heaps in advance for any help.


There’s also Isotope, which is a long-time favorite. Everything @desandro does is aces. They all essentially do the same thing – take DOM elements visible on the page and show/hide them. I’ve built with everything you mention above (excietp MixItUp), and they all work about the same.

Attributes are a little fussy to set up, but are free; JetBoost is super easy but your trial will expire and you have to pay ongoing. Any JS filtering library should work, or Webflow native filters, with a little JS for flair.

Thanks for the response, Nathan! :facepunch: Will check Isotope out.

I found this post and have the exact same question.

Are there any other comments on which one of these filtering solutions is the best?

I want to start the build right before I get too far.