Creating beautiful graphics

Hi all,

I’m a new user to Webflow and had a question regarding graphics.

How are people creating these crazy beautiful images where their website or one of their portfolio websites is displayed on a phone screen or computer screen? I love this design and feel like it creates an awesome experience. A good example is the graphic on the Webflow home page where it shows the open Webflow designer page on a computer screen.

My apologies if this is not appropriate for a Webflow forum.

Any tips or articles that illuminate how this is done would be much appreciated.

Images are often created for the web using image editing software. There are a lot of options for which software to choose. A Google or YouTube search for “top image editing software” should be a good starting point for research.

Here is a list of the top image editing software for 2021 according to pcmag.

There is also a very good free image editor called GIMP.

Obviously there would be different options if you are using a MAC or other type of computer.

Once you have chosen which software to use there are lots of places to find tutorials on how to use it. For example, go to YouTube and search for “photoshop tutorial for beginners”.

I’m sure members of the community will have lots of ideas about which is their favorite image editing software. I currently use Photoshop.

hi @Taylor_Wright I have Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription but I’m long time happy user of Affinity products as they are powerful graphic programs for fraction of investments into Adobe products. You can buy Affinity products for very affordable price without need of monthly subscription.

Adobe products as Photoshop or Illustrator etc. are leaders on market with lots of features and if you make money with these on daily basis its way to go. But both companies are offering top apps on market for Win and macOS. You can read some comparisons and make your choice.

If you have Photoshop, you can download graphic templates from Envato Mockup, that’s what I’ve used for my portfolio. They’re super easy to customise.

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hi @Jnorden Affinity Photo allows you to import any Photoshop files mockups included and they are fully editable. Just mentioning it as it can be a useful info.