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Creating an Online Platform with member/password access

Dear community,

I want to create an online platform for registered memberss, similar to this ready-made-product here

From a look and feel design perspective I am very, very unhappy with this and other off-the-shelf solutions available.

As I loved designing our homepage with webflow, I am wondering if there is a way to implement member access functionality with a site designed in Webflow?

Any experience? Any thoughts? Any advice on this?

Thank you as always in advance!


I successfully did it with this app Userapp

I dont have any tutorial or so just a a super simple test site here Userapp-test
You can choose from several different implantation options I went for angualrjs. I managed to pull it off with trial and error =D

The developers are very quiet though, really don’t know whats happening to the app.

As @jorn says, is the best. Their tutorial is quit ok. I’ve made a site in Webflow and integrated it with the angular.js functionality. It’s somewhere in these forums.

Found it: Remove default form action

I haven’t got the site that I made live any longer, if you want I can send you a zip-file.

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Thank you both. Apart from functionality and the know-how, implementing it, I am wondering about the pricing.

Is that an OK pricing-model in your opinion? Obviously I am not talking about the free starter plan. I am referring to the next level, which is already @ $99 per month. I am comparing that to Webflow pricing, for example, and I am wondering, if that is in line with what the tool does and how much work goes into creating that tool?

@Diu a zip would be awesome, as I am completely lost with integration at the moment.


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