Creating an app in Webflow, with tasks that unlock after a day

So, I would like to create a learning platform, like Duolingo, with a similar roadmap using Webflow. Is it possible? And what’s the difference between a web app, a webpage, and an app?

Additionally, I would love to make it so that the next “exercise” on the roadmap is available only after a day has passed since the previous “exercise” was clicked, finished, or marked as complete. How would I do that?

So far, I’ve successfully created two buttons, and they both open a pop-up. The second button becomes “clickable” only after one minute since the first one is clicked. I also managed to make sure it remains the same even after the page is reloaded, so you don’t have to wait another minute. I used local storage for this (I believe it’s called local storage (I used ChatGPT). The problem is, if you clear the cookies/local storage, you have to wait again, which would be dumb if we are talking about days.

ChatGPT recommended connecting the data to the user’s account, but what would it look like if there were 100 buttons that all need to have this “one-day delay” ability?

Thanks in advance!