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Creating an aggregate social media feed to embed on website

What I want to do is create one feed that includes all my client’s social media channels, posts in chronological order. I tired to create a feed using the different social media RSS feeds for my client’s accounts. For example, I pulled in their youtube RSS, Instagram RSS but have been unable to get anything that actually functions as feed doesn’t read all the social media fields and Zapier has been absolutely useless.

for example, the feed would run as follows

post 1 = sat 9am facebook
post 2 = friday 7pm Instagram
post 3 = friday 3pm twitter
post 4 = thursday 9am youtube
and so on

I would then like to export the feed and embed within my client’s website

Hello @18374627292,
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I have sent you a PM would like to help you with the expertise.
Please check and add me on S.K.Y.P.E ID: cis.ron or send me an email ron(dot)cis40(at)

Looking forward for your reply.

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What was the resolution here - was @ron1991 able to help you with this?

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