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Creating a timeline on the website

Hi guys… I am trying to get a timeline to be implemented on the site and I have absolutely no cluse where to get started as I am new to Webflow.

Some thing like above (although it my seem too complex) I require something very simple … when things get reveled as the timeline keeps moving.

Can someone share a readonly or cloneable link so that I can have a look and understand the same.

Thanks a ton


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi welcome back :slight_smile:

Is that what you looking for?

Hi @shokoaviv,

Thanx for the prompt response.

Yes this is what i am looking for exactly. Although yours is real fancy, I want to implement a simple text based time line.

Can you please share a clonable link for the same… I am very new to Webflow and its taking forever to go through each tutorial to figure things out.

any help from you I would really be obliged.


Here is the clone version

Hi … thank you so much … however one small thing … this seems to be a read-only version … can you send link to cloneable version plzzz



clone version


Hi @shokoaviv,

Thanx a ton :slight_smile: this should really help me out.

Btwn very quickly is there an email id I can get in touch with you ? I wanted to bounce some ideas of you regarding this site … (it would be easier that way)


Hi @shokoaviv … I am not able to access the clone site … could you kindly upload it again … if you dont mind

Thanking you


The project is clone-able. I’ve just tested it. Note that On the Starter plan, you can only have 2 unhosted sites.

hi @shokoaviv … I guess I was doing something wrong earlier … I did get to clone it finally… Thank you. I have a professional account so no issues on that front.

Thanx a ton

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Hi @shokoaviv … btween would be able to throw some light on my other query which i posted on the forum

Basically I want to implement simple TABLES within the webflow but i guess that feature is missing.

any fixes ? (not so complicated ones though :slight_smile: )




try this - hope it helps

so this will provide custom code which I can then insert into the webflow basically correct ?

Correct :slight_smile:

hi @shokoaviv thanx for that it did work … crude workaround though.

Quick one … when we have TABS … I want that when a user clicks on “any tab” the respective TAB PANE should scroll into focus. How do I get to do that. ? Any help