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Creating a Sticky Tab Menu from the CMS

Hey everybody!

I’m pretty new to Webflow and have been trying to create a tabbed menu that functions like steps for a DIY tutorial. The tabs are linked to a CMS and eventually, I will have the steps (tabs) conditionally dependent on the number of steps that have been entered.

Since some of the steps will have a good bit of content (text/pics/etc) there can be a good bit of scrolling. I want to have the tab menu sticky. I’ve been able to get it to work if the menu isn’t very high but once it’s getting over 1000 pixels it doesn’t seem to stick.

Would love to know if I’m going about this right and if you have any suggestions!

  • Brandon

Hello @makeorbreakshop

I created a small video for you to show you the issue:

You just need to make the tabs section flex align start, hope this helps.

Thanks @aaronocampo, that was super easy!

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I’m glad I was able to help.