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Creating a site with only two pages

A little history first. I started a few years ago building my site with the sitebuilder from I then decided to leave them and try Wordpress which I currently use. When I first discovered webflow I was amazed at the logic behind the designer. I’m not an expert coder but rather someone who just wants to have a site reflecting my radio and archival material. I am not ready to commit fully to Webflow so I want to use the free option and try and create my website with only two pages.

Here is my website

Ignore the homepage because this is not really what I want it to look like. I just selected this theme to get my site up and running. My site is all archival. I hand coded the links back to the files that reside on my hosting server using html tables.

Would it be a good idea to put all of the archival material on one page using different sections and then create links to those sections, or is that to much page loading? Remember, my challenge is to create my site using only two pages and I believe webflow should be up to the task.

Look forward to what you have to say!! and a big thank you in advance!! :slight_smile:

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