Creating a simple yes/no gate for my website

Hello! I’m looking to create a simple Yes/No form before users are allowed to enter the website. Does anybody have experience with this and can help me out?

There’s no out-of-the-box support for gating content in Webflow. I recommend using Memberstack. It’s very easy to integrate with Webflow and with a few steps, you’d able to configure it for your needs.

Memberstack is quite the overkill if you just want to not show stuff to people clicking “no”.

What’s the use case here? Just a simple “yes” to enter the site and a “no” to show a custom message? Do you need to store what people have clicked so they won’t see it again?

When the user clicks “No” and a custom message is displayed will there be any additional functionality needed, for example denying access to other pages in the website?

What happens if someone doesn’t go to the home page first and lands on another page in the website first by maybe following a link from another website or finding one of your pages in Google search? Do you need this message to display on “every” page in your website that a user might land on first or do you just need the message to display on the “home page” only?

The yes/no box could be loaded in a modal. If you don’t need to “lock down” access to the site then you could just redirect the user to a specific page after they click “no” and just close the modal window revealing the regular page below if they click yes. This way you have “deterred” visitors from entering your site but you have not physically prevented them from entering the site.

If you want to completely “lock down” access to the site if someone clicks “no” then that is an entirely different ball game and that is when you would need a fully blown membership system added to your website.

Yeah, I’m thinking a custom message will be displayed if they click “No”. And all of the other pages should redirect to the “gate” page if they haven’t clicked “Yes” in the past… I think I’ll need to mess with cookies to get this working right?

If you feel you would like to explore a cookie consent based approach you may want to see if the Webflow plugin from Finsweet might meet your needs. If this doesn’t meet your needs then I expect you would need to do some in depth research on how your specific needs may be met through custom code or go with an out of the box solution like Memberstack.

Keep in mind that a cookie based solution will not “lock down” your site to users that click “no” it will only “deter” users from entering your website. Users can easily get round cookie based consent by clearing out their cookies or by simply using a different browser.

I’ll take a look, thank you so much!

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