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Creating a Secondary Navigation

I’m trying to make a secondary header and wonder if anyone has seen a video that describes this. I want to make something similar to Webflow’s Help Center:

I think I would use tabs but I’m struggling to figure out how to add the “/” sign. Any help or advice is much appreciated.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Christopher_Rivers

This was built by using links and the / itself. The links were styled to look like buttons and set side by side using flexbox. You can then organize them like links / link / link.

You can also connect each link to a CMS collection of category. Then the link will go to the corresponding categories collection page template.

Hope this helps!

@Christopher_Rivers + @Brando

An easier and quicker way is to insert a text block, add the menu items next to each other with a forward slash after each one, highlight and set each menu item as a link, even setting a class name for it so you can add hover states etc.

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Thank you guys.

I used @brando’s suggestion although I’m sure @nwdsha would have worked too.

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