Creating a Scrolling Computer Screen

Does anyone know how I would go about creating this effect where the website scrolls inside the screen?

I would like to try to create something like it for my website. Is this possible within Webflow, or is this an external plugin?

Hi @Michael_Messina

You can place a div inside the image of a blank computer screen, and set it’s dimensions to line up with the screen. Set the div to overflow: auto.

Add in the image of the site you want to display, and as long as the dimensions of the image are correct, this should give you the desired effect.



Hehehe @Brando you beat me!

@Michael_Messina exactly like Brando said, apply the scroll view or auto scroll view to the div you want to affect and put the image inside.

Here’s how it looks:

And if helps you, here is the preview link where I created one, check the inside scrolling page:




I may have beat you @aaronocampo but yours was much more thorough :wink:

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Thank you so much this works. Y’all are the best!

Just trying to figure out how to hide the ugly scroll bar that comes along with it now.

What do you mean @Michael_Messina? Can you share a screenshot please?

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