Creating a Premium Online Magazine

I’d like to create an online magazine, where visitors only see a portion of each article (300 words for e.g.), and need to sign up for a premium membership to see the rest of the article.

Does anyone have any experience in this?

It looks like a Firebase integration, or Memberspace might be a part of the solution.

Hey Ets ,
please i have a problem. i’ve just subscribe with Webflow of a business plan and in my free trail choosed to work on a free template. oK ; so when i want to buy the paid plan i buy it for this free template. now i want to cancel this template and i want just i blank template . but when i come to delete the old template they redirect me to cancel the business plan . please what can i do . thanks previously.

Hey Trevorjam!
Did you buy an account plan, or hosting for your project?

Hey Ets,
First thanks for responding you are a Great man . i bought hosting for project, business plan $45/month. and please what it the difference between account plan and hosting plan? do i need to buy them both or what? thank you much.

Hey Trevorjam!

Here’s an explanation of the difference between the account plans and the site plans:

You will need to ask Webflow’s support (I can’t help because I don’t work for them) if they can help you transfer your site subscription to a new project.

Good luck my dear friend!

Hey Ets,
i would like to thank you so much for responding . yes i send them a message (to webflow) and the transffer the paid plan to the new project. you know if people are newbies they are afraid of making mastakes and they are always confused . again thanks so much .

Have a Great day Ets.

Hey Trevorjam!
You sound like such a wonderful person.
I’m glad you managed to sort out the issue, and I wish you all the best on your Webflow adventure!!
Best regards

Hey Ets,
i bought a hosting plan … Business plan with $45/months