Creating a pinterest type gallery with Dynamic Data

I would like to make a pinterest type gallery in a dynamic template page. There are some post out there but not help that much.

I need the picture data change on different artist. Therefore I need use dynamic design

Webflow used to have a front page that showing like that style for promoting CMS. And what bother me is some item stacks, but some doesn’t.

I have tried to use adding column then add dynamic data, then limit the number of the items in each column. Since each dynamic page will have different number of the picture. That wont work neither.

I had the same question yesterday, but it looks like the only solution is to put a dynamic list in a column like you mentioned before.

That’s the for now, I’m sure there’s a solution in the works.

My problem is I need multiple dynamic pages to organize lots datas. If this is not working, I have to compromise my design to something more boring.

My wondering is, where is the demonstration page for CMS. And why some item stack each other and some won’t.