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Creating a new project and re-using a custom domain from an old project

Hi there!

Brand new to Webflow and don’t have much experience building websites, so bear with me as I ask a newbie question :slight_smile:

I’ve published a project and have pointed my custom domain to it. For now, it’s just a
“coming soon” page that captures people’s email addresses. For the actual website, after spending too much time trying to build something that looks cool and it ending up looking very rookie, I’ve decided I’d like to start with a template for the actual website.

Ideally, I can just have the one project, create a new page and start with a template, rather than a blank page, but it doesn’t look like this is an option. From what I can see, I’ll have to create a new project in order to start with a template.

My question is, before I go ahead and do all of this, is it simple to just unpublish/delete the existing project that’s acting as a “coming soon” page, and then point my custom domain to the new project instead?


Hey, Hannah!

Yes, it’s really easy to do that. Just un-publish the current coming soon site and remove any hosting plan you have with that project. Once you do that it will remove the custom domain for that project. You don’t have to delete it, unless your account plan doesn’t have room.

Once you create the new project, whether it’s from a template or starting your own from scratch, you would just do the same steps as you did with the coming soon project on the new project. If you have GoDaddy, you’ll be able to use Webflow’s nice and easy integration to hook that up, or follow the prompts and steps to add all the necessary records to your domains DNS on the site (registrar) where you bought your domain at.

Here is a link for Connecting a Custom Domain on Webflow

Hope this helps! Cheers!

Hi Noah! Thank you so much - glad to know that’s straight forward and I won’t screw anything up in the process.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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My pleasure, Hannah!