Creating a music app

Hey there,
Not sure if i’ve put this topic in correct direction, but still.
So, the thing is - if i wanna make a music streaming app, for what thing i should go after? I mean, software environments, prog. languages etc.
Thx in advance.

You can always hire a developer. Given your entrepreneurial attitude, it will be better to outsource job and save time for management tasks. I can recommend you a great outsourcing company, They developed a great service for my taxi company.

How is that going? Did you manage to find a developer and get the project going? I would be very interested in hearing some updates. Good luck!

LOL, now I remember the series Silicon Valley where the main hero wanted to make a music app. So, maybe you will have the same success. However, you need your own IT team and you can find it on this site So, good luck!

If you want to make a music streaming app, here is a technology stack you can possibly choose:

  • Programming languages: Python, Java
  • Frameworks: Hadoop, Apache Storm, Hub Framework
  • Server: Nginx
  • Cloud storage: Amazon S3, Google BigQuery
  • CDN: Amazon CloudFront
  • Database: PostgreSQL, Cassandra
  • Tools: Bootstrap, Kafka, Google Analytics
  • DevOps: Docker, Datadog, TestFlight

Read this article to learn how to create a music streaming app.

How is it going? Hope you succeeded in that and have a great result. I love listening to music and I usually find some ideas using this resource Razia Meer - Thrive Global and amomama women blog. There is a lot of interesting information and articles as well.