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Creating a multiple "slide" looking website with mini nav links to each slide

I’m trying to build a site that uses webflow as a slide-creator. I want each slide to be a webpage (better than divs).

I want to make “slide nav markers” so you can click to go to any slide (eg 12 slides means 12 small buttons). Each slide is a webpage for easy design.

Q: Is there a dynamic way to add the right navigation links to each page without doing this at slide creation time?

For example render 12 buttons dynamically if there are 12 slides. I could get a count of the slides from a collection (eg an integer stored with each “type” of named slidedeck). But then how do I iterate over a number to make more items?

How do I do the gymnastics to bind each nav link to a specific URL “clinical-research-1.html”, “clinical-research-2.html” to a number (in this example up to 12). Can I do this processing with Webflow?

Ultimately, I want a solution that isn’t brittle. If I add a 13th page, I don’t want to go updating every slide with another nav ink.

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