Creating a member directory on webflow

Hi team! I am designing a member’s only directory for a freelancing group of software and ML developers. I’m hoping to do something quick and codeless, plugging into the existing website.

Ideally since we are in the google suite, this would use google SSO (meaning everyone with a email would be able to smoothly login to the hub).

We also want to implement a directory (where every user email is associated with a given user profile, which they can edit through the UI). We want this directory to be searchable by tags, or specialties, ie: Computer-Vision, Unsupervised-Learning, etc.

I would really appreciate any help/guidance thinking through our options.

From the auth side, I have seen that firebase, memberspace (with firebase & zapier to make google SSO work).

Looks like on the profile/directory side, the only option i have found is communityBox, which isn’t very compelling since they don’t have a lot of impressive case studies.

Does anyone else have additional resources or sample stacks that I can take a look at? I’m not afraid to code, but i’m capping this project at about 5 hours a week so I could make a lot more quick progress if it’s a straightforward, trusted, codeless solution.

Any help is massively appreciated! Thanks team!