Creating a list of Product Images on a Product page

Web Flow Products have a “Main Image” property and you’d think that is THE image you’d display in your Product Page template.

However I want to have a carousel of images so now I need a collection-list bound to a multi-image property. I’m sure that you’ll work but that just seems wrong because I’ll have the main product image duplicatedin the CMS. Once in Main Image property and then once in my multi-image property.

Is that what other people do?

You should be able to upload multiple images in your CMS and show those.
Then with that, you can add in an image slider attached to the CMS.

Works perfectly for me!

Let me know how this works out!

Sorry Brandon I thought I’d replied a while ago. I’ve done the Multi-Image list thing but that then kinda makes the Main Image property only uisful when you want a single image. Which means mainataining two image properties for a Product, one single and one multi. That seems kinda wrong.

Is there a way of linking a single image to the first item in a Multi Image list?