Creating a gym management /booking solution


I am currently working on a website for a gym.
The main feature I am looking to get is a profil page with membership allowing credit every billing renewal. Exemple 30 sessions credits every month, with each booking using a credit.

Does someone have any idea how to do it?


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Hi @Lucien_Faber :wave: welcome to the forum.

That’s a classic use-case for Memberstack. I’ve used them often and they excel at doing just what you’ve described.

Another option is Webflow’s own native solution: Create a Membership website | Webflow.

It’s in beta and not as full featured as Memberstack yet. I’ve been using it as well and what’s lacking at the moment is the solid profile page feature you’ve mentioned. Though, I’m sure it’ll be coming.

Both options are free so you should give each a try and see which fits your needs best.

If you want the high level overview I’ve got some tutorials that walk through both of these options:

That is a tutorial on Webflow Memberships.

That is a screencast on Memberstack.

There are many more on the site as well, click around a bit!

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Thanks a lot!

Do you have any idea how to create a schedule and the session credit system attached to those profils?

You would be able to make that credits system using Airtable & Zapier - as for the booking, there can be a simple request form which will both send out the booking message to all parties + trigger a reduction of the credits on the user profile!

I know it’s easier said than done, but I’m sure it will work!

Hi Duncan. I hope your doing great! Would you mind showing me the way. I would love to implement this for a client I have. Do you have any tutorials or something that could help me as I can’t seem to find nothing on the web. Thanks! Also would it be posible to limit to certain amount of bookings per class? My use is is more specific. Long story short… My client is a gym that needs a booking option with limited availability that also has a credit system that for each booked class it discounts a credit. Credits should have an expiration date.