Creating a Guest List Feature on CMS Pages in Webflow with Integration

I work with Webflow and (formerly Integromat) and have developed a website using Webflow where my customers can fill out a contact form, which then creates their own CMS page. I would like to add a feature to my users’ CMS pages, where they can fill out a form on their subdomain, and the submitted information is displayed on the website. I’ve already managed to do this, but each time I submit the form again, the information that was already there gets deleted. In my scenario, these are wedding websites that my users create, so I want to add a guest list feature. The visitors on the wedding website should be able to enter their names, which should be displayed on the website, and not replace each other. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance

I think that the key here is to adjust your workflow to append new entries rather than replacing the existing ones. For this, you might need to tweak your scenario to collect and display multiple entries.

You can store each form submission as a new item in your CMS collection. When a new submission comes in, your scenario should add it to the existing collection without overwriting previous entries. This way, each visitor’s name gets added to the list, creating a growing guest list on the website.

Also, I’d suggest to make sure your form on the subdomain is set up to trigger the correct scenario each time it’s submitted. This ensures that every new entry is processed and added to the guest list.

Hope this helps somehow.