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Creating a good favicon?

I’m relatively new to website design, in a sense, and I’ve stumbled across a minor annoyance…creating a favicon. Any tips on create a good icon for what I’ve created so far?

Please make sure to switch to the Home Revamp page as I’ve done a MUCH better redesing of the site :grinning:

I’ve gone with a simple C and H for now. Do you think simple letter combinations work?

Hi. Try drawing it on a minimum 260x260 px then shrink it down to 32 for webflow upload. Use transparency and black letters if possible. Start your design on the edge of the document, and finish it on the other edge : no pixel padding, use all the surface.

Your design is a little thin. Also, test and test again, adjust pixel by pixel until it’s readable to the eye in 16 and 32.

I’m currently working on these 2 ones and they are tweaked pixel by pixel for all the curves and spaces to be readable (in progress)

Thanks for the advice =)

Curious why you’d do 260 x 260 instead of 256 x 256 considering that 256 is easily divisible by 32 and scales significantly better than 260. :sunglasses:

Edit: Also, 256 x 256 is the resolution Webflow needs for a webclip.

I’ll be doing 256x256 anyway because that’s the size for the Webclip =)

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