Creating a fully customised Tab section WITH title/description

I’m trying to create tab section, where the user can click between “Single” and “Batch” refunds. One each the tab section to the right should change the details.

However we also need the wording to be in line, and ABOVE the buttons, but wording AND the buttons should be to the LEFT of the section that is changing.

HEre’s a screen grab of what I’m trying to build, vs what I’ve done so far, any help would be brilliant: Screen Recording 2021-01-19...

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Trilo

Here’s the webflow base site as it currently stands: Pricing | Trilo

I’ve figured this out, I just needed to change the TAB CONTENT class to -275px, rather than the TAB 1 itself. This then brought everything up.