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Creating a Fold in/Fold out effect?

Hey all!

I am layering two elements in order to create this illusion that they are both on the face of a 3D shape that is showing one face than the other. Just like the menu bar in this website (where it says “KERRY J DEAN”) :

my site
I am following the suggestion of trying to make each of the two elements change in size (0-100%) to replicate this, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Anyone have insight on it?

This is on the “FOLD IN/FOLD OUT” page of my site, and I am trying it on these two elements; Side 1 and SIde 2

My site:

thank you so much in advance on any look into this !!

I took a few minutes to walk you through getting this setup based on the reference, so hopefully this is what you were looking for:

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Mikeyevin you are SO AWESOME. Thanks so much! There was a handful of things you just showed me that I would’ve completely kept missing as I was figuring it out! Also very applicable to similar symbols I plan to create. Thanks again, this is so appreciated!

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