Creating a Dynamic Slider in Webflow

Surely it’s easier for Webflow to just fix the blank last slide you get when you dynamically populate the slider natively in Webflow? It would save all the work and hacks by their users.

I think I figured out a hack to use the native slider work dynamically. Remove the grey background colour for the slider and make the background pull the first image from your CMS. The first image appears last in the slider, but at least I can have multiple sliders on the page without adding more code.

If you’re interested see “Stories Categories” collections page in >


Thats sounds pretty awesome! i’ll try tomorrow
Link doesn’t work

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This doesn’t work as of January 2023. No idea why unless back-end changes under Webflow’s control. Not ideal especially as all hosted sites are cached?

If you’ve used this method on any sites and are having problems now this solution fixes it:

<script src=""></script>

If you need an alternative CDN to jsdelivr then you can also use this:

<script src=""></script>

@Sam_Sharpe - I am glad you resolved your issue but be warned. Cycle2 has not been updated in 8 years and has over 500 open issues in Github. There are plenty of well-maintained and current choices in 2023. Which one? It totally depends on your requirements.

Hi @webdev ,

The Cycle2 solution to CMS population of Webflow sliders has been working fine since 2016. It only stopped working in the past 10 days or so and changing the script source to the jsdelivr or Cloudflare cdn script fixes the recent breakage.

I’m not actually sure why it broke very recently, maybe to do with http / https server support in the original script location? However it could be a recent change on the Webflow back-end?

This thread is quite old and the solution was created originally by the Webflow community whilst waiting for native CMS Slider support as a temporary fix for functionality that at the time we all expected was surely shortly to arrive in Webflow.

I don’t think many who have used this solution did so expecting still not having native CMS sliders 7 years later. I know I certainly did not!

There are a number of wishlist requests pertaining to this feature with many votes, here are a few of them:

In terms of alternatives to Cycle2 there are like you say plenty of options many of which have the same possible problems as Cycle2.

Could you share with the community what you would suggest as alternatives please?