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Creating a dynamic header in Webflow

Hi Webflow Forums!

I am building a status-page that’s gonna display if various systems from our platform is online or offline - a site for users to check service availability.

We are testing Webflow for this as we want this to be a CMS-driven website in the first round before we get APIs to update the site automatically. At the moment I’ve made a collection for the various departments with drop-downs where editors can change a status for the given department/system in a dropdown. I’ve also linked anoter collection that’s just two statuses (Offline/Operational) and linked that to a dropdown in the Departments-collection so editors easily can edit the status of a system.

What I’m stuck on now is having a header on the site that either says “All our systems are operational” or “We are experiencing some issues in one or more of our systems”, changing based on if all the departments in the collecion has a status of “online” or if any of them has a status is set to “offline”.

Anyone got any ideas?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Intility Statusside